your privacy at CUBE

For your convenience CUBE stores some information about your searches. These are the following.

CUBE keeps a log of the date you made your search, your IP address, the string(s) you have searched for, and the number of results you got. These are necessary (i) to monitor cube’s performance, (ii) to notify us of words not yet in the database, and (iii) to enable the ‘search in results’ option, which only works when successive searches are made from a single ip address.

CUBE also sets a cookie on your machine that stores your customization settings. This way you do not have to set each of these settings at every session. The cookie expires within a year. If you allow cookies to be set on your machine, your last customization settings will be preserved by CUBE if you return within a year.

The above data are not used for any other purpose than those stated above. By using CUBE we take it that you agree to us logging some of the details of your searches and storing your customization settings on your machine.