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final examination topics: MA, American literature

  1. 19th century American poetry: Whitman and Dickinson. Discuss the most important features of their poetry, representative works, and respective modes of innovation.
  2. The American Renaissance: its literature and philosophy. Discuss the main principles, philosophical background, and at least four representative texts (one from Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Melville each).
  3. Nature and the frontier in American literature. Discuss representative early and mid-19th century fiction and essays by Cooper, Emerson, and Thoreau.
  4. 19th century women writers: discuss relevant topics and perspectives, with examples from Gilman and Glaspell.
  5. Two traditions of modernism in American poetry: discuss high modernism and radical modernism by highlighting the relevant tenets as expounded in essays and practiced in poetic texts.
  6. The high realism of Henry James. Discuss at least one novel and one short story.
  7. Traditions of modernism in American fiction: discuss tenets and modes of writing; bring examples from at least three novels and three short stories written by Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, and Stein.
  8. African American modernism: discuss tenets and modes of writing; bring examples from at least two novels and two short stories written by Wright, Hurston, Larsen, and Johnson.
  9. 20th century women fiction writers: discuss tenets and modes of writing; bring examples from at least one novel and two short stories written by O’Connor, McCullers, and Morrison.
  10. The passing novel in 20th century American fiction: discuss race and gender passing; bring examples from at least three major texts written by Johnson, Larsen, Hwang, and Roth.
  11. Formalism and New Criticism
  12. Structuralism and narratology
  13. Poststructuralism: postmodernism and deconstruction
  14. Feminist, gay and lesbian criticism
  15. Performative theory and intersubjective theory
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