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call for applications to BA specializations, 2021

Any BA student majoring in English is welcome to apply for a specialization offered by the School of English and American Studies who do not have a minor. The number of students admitted to the programs is 16 students each year for each specialization. The specializations offer 10 courses, 5 credits each that participants have to take in 4 semesters. At graduation, an additional document stating the nature of the specialization completed is attached to the degree.

Application to more than one specialization is allowed, but please indicate the order of preference as you can only attend one specialization. Please note that you the Translation specialisation can only be your first choice.

These are the steps of the application process:

1. Fill in the online application form by 8pm, 25 May 2021. In this form you will be requested to submit a link to your CV (Google drive link or online Europass — find some tips here: and a letter of motivation of 300 words. In the letter of motivation please indicate your experience and why you have chosen the specialization.

2. Attend an oral entrance exam between 7–11 June 2021. Notification about the exact date and time of the oral exam and further details on the exam will be sent after the application, as there are differences in the exam procedures among the specializations.

For further information concerning the specializations and special requirements, please contact the heads of specialisations.

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