The Even Yearbook

Volumes of The Even Yearbook contain papers in linguistics written by present or former members of the Department of English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University and by students of its doctoral programme.


The series was begun in 1994, when the Department was established as a component of the School of English and American Studies. At first we weren’t sure if this will be a one-time publication (hence the first volume is numbered 1994, not 1). The series then continued to come out every even numbered year and came to complement those of The Odd Yearbook series, which were published in odd numbered years.

The first six volumes (1994–2004) were printed on paper. From 2006 onwards, only the online version is published.


Papers published in The Even Yearbook undergo anonymous peer review.


online 2061–490X
print (1994–2004) 1218–8808


1994–2012: László Varga
2014–: Mark Newson and Péter Szigetvári

technical editors

1994–2002: Péter Szigetvári
2004: Zoltán G. Kiss



looking for papers about adjectives or adverbs…

Enter “adjective or adverb” in the search box (top left corner). The string “adjective adverb” only finds papers that mention both. (Search strings are looked for conjunctively by default.)

looking for anything on velar consonants…

Look for “velar*” to find any mention of velar, velars, velarity, velarization or velarisation, etc. (Search strings only match full words.)

getting very few matches from the first few volumes…

This is because for the time being full-text search is only available for volumes 6 (2004) onwards and some of the papers of volume 5 (2002), namely, those by Benczes, Górász, Marosán, Newson, Starčević, and Szigetvári. Earlier volumes are only found if the paper title matches. (We are working to get rid of this limitation.)

what are all these results?

Currently the search engine does not look at the definitive PDF version, but the raw files (plain text converted from PDF). If you find your search string in the required context, you should move on to the PDF version linked to the top of the raw file.

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