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Thu 29 Jun–Fri 30 Jun
44th American Indian Workshop
Wed 21 Jun
16:00 SEAS end-of-year meeting and Outstanding Thesis Award gala
Fri 16 Jun
Contemporary Crossroads IV: Studies in English Applied Linguistics conference
Thu 8 Jun
09:00–16:30 3rd Interdisciplinary PhD Research Conference of ELTE MODAnadasdy-irham.jpg
18:00 book launch: Nádasdy Ádám, Hordtam az irhámat

Christopher Lee in Robin Hardy’s THE WICKER MAN (1973). Courtesy: Rialto...

Thu 25 May
17:30 the UK–Australia Film Club presents The Wicker Man in R411
Tue 16 May
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)


Thu 11 May
17:30 SEAS Film Club (Alice Lowe, Prevenge, 2016), in R411utopia-between.jpg
18:00 book launch (Czigányik, Utopia between East and West in Hungarian literature), in R356
Mon 8 May–Fri 12 May
13th International Student Poster Presentation Conference
Wed 3 May
18:00 Magyarics Tamás, Hanyatlik-e az Egyesült Államok? [Is the United States in decline?], in Gólyavár


Thu 27 Apr
12:00 Diversity Day Event at DELP
Thu 20 Apr
17:15 the UK–Australia film club screening The Power of Dog in R423/a


Wed 19 Apr
11:00-12:00 Our Europe: Ireland and the European Union, 1973–2023
Thu 30 Mar
17:00-20:00 screening Alan Parker's Come See the Paradise (R356)
17:30-19:50 SEAS Film Club (Danny Boyle, Trainspotting, 1996)
Tue 21 Mar
13:30 BRaCeLeT talk series, #13: Jon Alkorta, Sentiment analysis in Basque texts from a linguistic perspective
Wed 15 Mar
14:30 Szabadságmenet: joint BME/ELTE march for freedom, meeting on northern side of new ethnography museum (near Hősök tere)
Tue 7 Mar
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)

frankmeghívó_Layout 1

Fri 3 Feb
book launch: Tibor Frank (ed.), Az oszmán birodalom diadala és bukása


Fri 16 Dec–Sat 17 Dec
Össznyelvész 2022 conference
Wed 14 Dec
17:00 BMC (Budapest Metaphor Circle) talk: Zsófia Haase & Péter Csatár, Metaforikus anaforák
Thu 8 Dec
07:30-07:45 all-ELTE flashmob in support of teachers pics
Tue 6 Dec
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Mon 5 Dec–Fri 9 Dec
classes online/consultation
Fri 2 Dec
Faculty Open Day
Thu 1 Dec
15:30-16:00 the DELP Yelpers invite you to a bit of carol singing in the 4th floor foyer
18:00-19:00 An Invitation to fear! A ghost story for Christmas: The Signalman
Wed 30 Nov
17:00 DELG TDK workshop
Tue 29 Nov
Our colleage, Enikő Öveges, head of DEAL, passed away. May she rest in peace.
Sat 26 Nov
11:00 book launch: Ágnes Péter, The price of independence – Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Fri 25 Nov
16:00 DES TDK workshop
Thu 24 Nov
16:00-19:00 DAS TDK workshop
Wed 23 Nov
17:00 BMC (Budapest Metaphor Circle) talk: Bálint Forgács & Csaba Pléh, What metaphors tell about the brain and what the brain tells about metaphors

Fri 18 Nov
SEAS team at the demonstration for teachers
Thu 17 Nov
18:00 public lecture: Kathleen Graces-Foley (Marymount, VA), Religious/Spiritual/None: The New Religious Landscape in the United States; R356
Tue 15 Nov
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Thu 3 Nov
Péter Medgyes, professor emeritus, is awarded the Eötvös József wreath by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Congratulations to our colleague.
Thu 27 Oct–Sat 29 Oct
Canadian Landscapes conference
Thu 27 Oct
SEAS at the protest for teachers/schools
Wed 26 Oct
17:15 Taking the qualitative approach to classroom research
Wed 19 Oct
17:00 BMC (Budapest Metaphor Circle) talk: Mario Brdar & Rita Brdar-Szabó, Cumulative metonymies in sign languages
Fri 14 Oct
15:00 election of SEAS Faculty Council representative (online)
Wed 5 Oct
demonstration for teachers
Fri 30 Sep–Sat 1 Oct
Action Suited to the Word, a conference in memory of István Géher and Géza Kállay
Fri 30 Sep
16:00-17:10 Gyuris Kata, Afrika az Irodalomban – Kongói és Nigériai Kalandok, R443
Thu 29 Sep
17:00-20:00 movie screening: The Birth of a Nation (2016)
Tue 27 Sep
14:00 DELG dept meeting
Tue 20 Sep
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Thu 15 Sep
Tibor Frank, former SEAS director, dies at 74. Requiescat in pace.
Wed 14 Sep
17:00 BMC (Budapest Metaphor Circle) talk: Ágnes Virág, Hungarian Parliamentary Arena: Co-Work of Figurative Devices in Editorial Cartoons during the Period of Transition (1989–1998)
Fri 9 Sep
10:00 reading marathon marking the 25th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Wed 22 Jun
15:00 end-of-term party, Outstanding Theses Gala

Tue 21 Jun
09:30–17:00 MODA doctoral conference
Fri 17 Jun
09:00–17:00 Contemprary Crossroads 3 conference
Tue 14 Jun
15:00–18:00 MSB: Irwin Appel, theatre workshop
Mon 13 Jun
17:00 MSB: Irwin Appel, “When My Cue Comes Call Me”: Naked Shakes and a Life in Shakespearean Theater
Fri 3 Jun
15:00 booklaunch
Thu 2 Jun
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Wed 25 May
18:00–20:00 MSB: Márta Minier on Shakespeare allusions in films
Thu 19 May
15:30 Krisztina Károly: How to publish an article in English
Wed 11 May
14:00 meet Tibor Fischer
Tue 10 May
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Mon 9 May
16:30 launching of the Ethnic and Migration Studies Research Group
18:00 Paul Spickard, Shape Shiters: Sometimes Race Changes

Fri 6 May
10:00 Robert Eaglestone, Aristotle — but not the Poetics! — and literature
Thu 5 May
17:30 Robert Eaglestone, Hanna Arendt, Literature, and Democracy
Wed 4 May
17:30 How to get started on your MA thesis
Mon 25 Apr–Fri 29 Apr
12th International Student Poster Presentation Confrerence
Tue 12 Apr
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
15:00–16:30 BRaCeLeT talks #12: Iva Kovač (Vienna): Agreeing to control
18:00–19:30 MSB: Péter Rudolf interview
Mon 11 Apr
18:00 The Pity of War… Solidarity event for Ukraine
Wed 6 Apr
17:00 Introducing Encounters of the Popular Kind: Traditions and Mythologies, a collection of essays

Wed 16 Mar
13:30 teachers’ right to strike solidarity photo: “A SZTRÁJK ALAPJOG”
Wed 9 Mar
17:30–19:00 student forum on Ukraine
Tue 15 Feb
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)


Fri 17 Dec–Sat 18 Dec
Össznyelvész 2021, conference in linguistics organized by BRaCeLeT/NYEKK
Thu 2 Dec
Zsófia Bán receives the Füst Milán Prize for Prose. Congratulations to our colleague!
Tue 23 Nov
18:00 about Anne Sexton's poetry (Work In Progress Special)
Tue 16 Nov
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)

Tue 9 Nov
18:00 book première: Natália Pikli, Shakespeare's Hobby-Horse and Early Modern Popular Culture
Wed 3 Nov
17:00–18:30 the first meeting of the Budapest Metaphor Circle
Tue 21 Sep
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Sun 19 Sep
Zsófia Bán is awarded the Spycher: Literaturpreis Leuk. Congratulations to our colleague!
Fri 17 Sep
The Reel Eye ’21, film festival and workshop
Thu 2 Sep
iDEaS Conference and Workshop
Sat 24 Jul
Megtörtént. Minden szó igaz, a book by our late colleague, Judit Zerkowitz
Sun 27 Jun
apply for teaching assistantship at DELG
Thu 24 Jun
14:00 the Outstanding Thesis Award gala
Fri 4 Jun
09:00–16:00 First Doctoral Research Conference of the Modern English and American Literature and Culture Doctoral Program (on Facebook)
Tue 11 May
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Mon 3 May–Fri 7 May
11th Student Poster Presentation Conference
Mon 19 Apr–Fri 23 Apr
Infosztrájk: getting informed about and discussing academic freedom
Tue 13 Apr
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Sun 11 Apr
Infosztrájk/Nádasdy Ádám: Shakespeare és autonómia
Wed 17 Mar
16:00 A gótika kikel sírjából by EASPop (English and American Studies Popular Culture Research Group)
Tue 9 Feb
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)


Tue 22 Dec
Össznyelvész 2020 Conference (in linguistics)
Tue 1 Dec
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Fri 20 Nov
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Tue 17 Nov
Shakespeare-kutatás az angolszász világban
Tue 3 Nov
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Tue 27 Oct–Wed 28 Oct
1st English and American Popular Culture Conference (Encounters of the Popular Kind: Traditions and Mythologies in Dialogue
Tue 13 Oct
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
14:00–16:00 closing of Erasmus project: "Language Skills of Deaf Students for European Mobility"
Fri 9 Oct
17:00–18:30 FORDÍTSUNK! – Mesterek hibái – modern versfordítások angolból
Sat 3 Oct
18:00–18:30 SEAS members on solidarity walk out to SZFE
Thu 1 Oct
14:00 opening of the Writing Center
Tue 29 Sep
18:00–20:00 Shakespeare-ünnep (on Facebook)

Tue 22 Sep
16:00 ELTE BTK trade union (PDSZ) on a solidarity walk out to SZFE
18:00–19:00 Medgyes Péter, Milyen a jó előadó? (könyvbemutató)
18:00–21:00 student forum on the state of universities
Tue 15 Sep
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Tue 23 Jun
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes), Outstanding Thesis Awards gala
Wed 3 Jun
Our colleague Judit Zerkowitz passed away this morning, aged 74. Requiescat in pace.
Tue 12 May
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Wed 22 Apr
Ádám Nádasdy wins the Aegon Literary Award 2020. Congratulations to our colleague!
Tue 21 Apr
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Mon 23 Mar
online teaching begins
Wed 4 Mar–Wed 11 Mar
10th Student Poster Presentation Conference
Tue 18 Feb
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Thu 6 Feb
09:30–17:00 The Reel Eye, film festival and workshop ⟦programme
15:00 Tibor Frank, A polgári érintkezés modernizálódása a 19. században
Tue 4 Feb
15:00–17:00 SEAS Think Tank 2
Fri 24 Jan–Sat 25 Jan
Össznyelvész 2019+ conference


Thu 12 Dec
SEAS Christmas Party
Fri 29 Nov–Sat 30 Nov
conference on US Politics and the Media, programme
Thu 28 Nov–Fri 29 Nov
conference on Margaret Atwood 80: Central European Interpretations
Fri 15 Nov
awards for Győző Ferencz and Zsuzsanna Kutasi
Tue 12 Nov
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Fri 8 Nov–Sat 9 Nov
Huxley 125 conference
Thu 7 Nov
13:45–15:15 Diversity Day Event: Diversity in writing styles
Thu 10 Oct
SEAS elections for Faculty Council and Institute Council
11:30–11:45 nomination (R414)
12:30–16:00 voting (R357)
Tue 8 Oct
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Thu 3 Oct
17:00 László Borhi (Indiana University, Bloomington/MTA), The United States and the Cold War in East Central Europe
18:00 Seamus Heaney memorial lecture
Wed 25 Sep
14:00–15:50 Tibor Fischer at DES lectures
Mon 23 Sep
10:00–11:50 Miklós Lojkó, What price Brexit? (a public lecture)
Fri 20 Sep
Language Testing and Assessment Conference: New Challenges — Technology and Human Interaction in Language Assessment
Tue 17 Sep
10:00 Institute Council meeting (minutes)
Thu 12 Sep
11:00 BRaCeLeT talk series #11: Markus Pöchtrager (UniVienna), Recursion and GP 2.0
Tue 10 Sep
14:00 BRaCeLeT talk series #10: Markus Pöchtrager (UniVienna), Towards a unified theory of vowels
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